International Journal of Advanced Biotechnology & Bioinformatics >>Aim & Scope

INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED BIOTECHNOLOGY &BIOINFORMATICS is an online, freely available, peer reviewed journal that endeavors to rapidly publish original, authentic and fundamental research papers, review articles, case studies and short communications in all the spheres of biotechnology and bioinformatics. With biotechnology transforming every sphere of our lives by its innovations, the journal attempts to provide a platform to both academic and industrial laboratories to share their research and provide useful insights. The emphasis is to capture the novel thoughts and ideas from all across the globe and make science available to the best of minds. The journal is an effort to enlighten its audience with the recent trends in the spheres of biotechnology and bioinformatics.

Topics of interest cover different aspects of life sciences and biomedical research including genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, bioprocess technology, drug designing and discovery, systems biology and others.
Inimitable attributes of the journal:

Ø   The journal aims to bring together the best of research inadvanced biotechnology and bioinformatics, with greater emphasison the usefulness and applicability of the work.

Ø   Each research theme is collected from both biotechnology and bioinformatics sectors and aims to be a useful resource for both the scientific and academiccommunity.

Ø Apart from contemporary research, the journal also highlights on the latest developments in biotechnology and bioinformatics.

Ø   It also aims to become a benchmark of quality research at both the national and international levels in the coming years.