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Journal’s Aim and Scope


INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED BIOTECHNOLOGY & BIOINFORMATICS is an online, freely available, peer reviewed journal that endeavors to rapidly publish original, authentic and fundamental research papers, review articles, case studies and short communications in all the spheres of biotechnology and bioinformatics. Topics of interest cover different aspects of life sciences and biomedical research including genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, bioinformatics, bioprocess technology, drug designing and discovery, systems biology and others.

The journal welcomes and encourages novel scientific thoughts. The ideas must be important, thoroughly analyzed or empirically validated, revised and must contribute to the biotechnology research and practices. In order to be considered for publication, a manuscript must present some novel and useful research finding and meet the general criteria of authenticity, timeliness, purpose and importance.


Types of Manuscripts


  1. Research papers: Papers concerning original research and experimentally validated new ideas in the areas of biotechnology and bioinformatics. These must present the research in a logical and scientific manner.

  2. Illustrative case studies: The research papers that illustrate, describe, explain and address challenges in biotechnology through current literature and illustration of solution to the problem along with the results.

  3. Methods: Significant new methods reporting novel techniques or improvements and modifications over the existing techniques and concepts that are relevant to IJABB’s core subject areas. These should be highly significant and useful, and contain an example of utility.

  4. Databases: This includes online database resources of high value to the biological community.

  5. Software Resources: Papers describing software programs that run on the weband perform useful computations on DNA, RNA and protein sequences or structures; network and pathway analysis; biological text mining; analysis of microarray data, next generation sequencing data, and metagenomics data; and innovative visualizations.

  6. Survey papers: Topical surveys including detailed state-of-art and bibliography.It must summarize the results of recent research in way that it enhances theunderstanding of the concepts. It must provide novel insights by contributing tothe existing knowledge extracted from the literature. It must cover the field inmore depth and detail and aims to identify relationships, assumptions,agreements and novel perspectives.

  7. Short Communications: These papers must extend and elaborate upon theexisting results which include the findings in other settings, negative results,clinical trials of the existing results in different animal models etc.


Submission Information

All matter for publication should be submitted according to the standard submissionformat of the journal given on the website. Manuscripts must not have been published previously and not currently submitted or under consideration by some other journals/conferences.Only original research papers will be accepted for publication.The manuscripts must be thorough, well concluded, concise andcarefully proof read. Submission must carry a title, author’s name and affiliation,abstract, keywords and word document of the manuscript. The manuscripts must have a maximum of 30 pages. The manuscript must be prepared in accordance with the submission guidelines.

For any queries contact the executive editor:
Dr. Yasha Hasija
Email: yashahasija@dce.edu; yashahasija@gmail.com