International Journal of Advanced Biotechnology & Bioinformatics
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Information for Authors

The journal welcomes and encourages novel scientific thoughts. The ideas must be important, thoroughly analyzed or empirically validated, revised and must contribute to the biotechnology research and practices. In order to be considered for publication, a manuscript must present some novel and useful research finding and meet the general criteria of authenticity, timeliness, purpose and importance.

Manuscript Format

All manuscripts should be submitted in the journal’s submission format. The manuscripts must be complete, concise and carefully proof read. Submission must include title, author’s name and affiliation, abstract, keywords and Word draft of the research paper for review. The manuscripts should not exceed the limit of 30 pages. The manuscript must be prepared as per the submission guidelines.

Submission Information

All the manuscripts must be submitted to the IJABB’s executive editor electronically:
Dr Yasha Hasija
Email: yashahasija@dce.edu; yashahasija@gmail.com


The Peer-Review Process

Upon receipt, manuscripts are thoroughly assessed and analyzed for their suitability for publication by the Editors and the Editorial members. The manuscripts fulfilling the journals’ basic requirements are further reviewed by or esteemed reviewers who are experts in their respective fields. Generally, a minimum of two reviews are considered for each manuscript. According to the review comments received by the referees, the manuscript may be:

  • Accepted for publication
  • Accepted with minor revision
  • Accepted with major revision
  • Rejected: usually where the manuscripts lack novelty or are not supported with crude evidence and moreover lacks general interest


The review process may approximately take 2-3 months.

After acceptance, the author will be asked to sign Copyright Transfer Form that will transfer the copyright to IJABB.